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“Sex, Sexuality, and the Spirit: Because I am Worth It”Comments Off on “Sex, Sexuality, and the Spirit: Because I am Worth It”

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For those of you who didn’t make it out for the Women’s and Girls Health Awareness Conference “Sex, Sexuality, and the Spirit: Because I am Worth It”…you definitely missed out! But not to worry, I am here to provide you with a full recap.

A week ago today YOUR Center hosted their annual conference. It was complete with a series of workshops, free on-site STI testing (provided by Planned Parenthood), great food, and various vendors from the community.

The workshops went on throughout the day and covered everything from STIs and Safer Sex to LGBT issues and was facilitated by influential members of the community. The informative workshops lasted about two hours and ran concurrently with other workshops, but were spread out over the course of the day so that everyone got a chance to visit the workshop that interested them. Here’s a few that caught my attention:

“Because your worth it”

“Trying to Get Nasty” – Sexually Transmitted Infections and Safer Sex

“Coming Our Process” Understanding How to Work With LGBT Youth

“When I was a Girl”…How Not to Talk to Your Child About Sex

“LOL :)” The Entertainment Industry, HIV, and YOU

The SeXpert team also put on a skit during lunch that allowed the audience to engage in open dialogue around issues that face the youth of the Flint community. Not only were the members of the SeXpert talented, entertaining and engaging – but they brought an educational piece to sex education that was definitely appreciated!

Lesson for Today: Take a little time for your health and keep your eye out for next year’s Women’s and Girl Health Awareness Conference.

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