To Sext …or Not to Sext
Oct 2013 02

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With people relying so heavily on technology these days, it was only a matter of time until sex came into picture. Sex can literally come into the picture with the act of sexting. Sexting is when people send sexually explicit message or photos via email, text message etc.  About 33% of of people between ages 18-24 years old have been involved in some form of nude sexting. As with most sexual activities there are pros and cons. We will start with the negative so that you can have something to look forward to.

A positive light is generally not shed on sexting in the media. This may be because there are some risks associated with it. It is very easy for someone to use explicit photos or messages against you or to show messages that you thought would be private. Reputations can be affected and this could cause an emotional roller-coaster that you didn’t sign up for.

However, sexting could go in the completely opposite direction. It could be that you decide to sext on cold winter night to enhance your relationship. The anticipation builds as the conversation becomes more and more passionate. You look forward to these hot and heavy sext messages because they keep things fresh and interesting. You may use sexting as an alternative to physical sex or just as something to fill the time when you and you partner are apart.

Either way it should be a decision that you have thought about…a decision where you weighed the potential risks and the benefits.

If you decide to go with it, sexting has some rules according to the Huffington Post that you may or may not agree with.
1. No baby talk…use the proper words.
2. Relationships are important…Only do it with someone you trust.
3. Keep your face hidden.
4. Delete the photos after use.
5. Don’t sext the wrong person.
6. Don’t use emoticons…it could be creepy.
7. Don’t sext while drunk.
8. Answer promptly.

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