To Sext …or Not to Sext
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With people relying so heavily on technology these days, it was only a matter of time until sex came into picture. Sex can literally come into the picture with the act of sexting. Sexting is when people send sexually explicit message or photos via email, text message etc.  About 33% of of people between ages 18-24 years old have been involved in some form of nude sexting. As with most sexual activities there are pros and cons. We will start with the negative so that you can have something to look forward to.

A positive light is generally not shed on sexting in the media. This may be because there are some risks associated with it. It is very easy for someone to use explicit photos or messages against you or to show messages that you thought would be private. Reputations can be affected and this could cause an emotional roller-coaster that you didn’t sign up for.

However, sexting could go in the completely opposite direction. It could be that you decide to sext on cold winter night to enhance your relationship. The anticipation builds as the conversation becomes more and more passionate. You look forward to these hot and heavy sext messages because they keep things fresh and interesting. You may use sexting as an alternative to physical sex or just as something to fill the time when you and you partner are apart.

Either way it should be a decision that you have thought about…a decision where you weighed the potential risks and the benefits.

If you decide to go with it, sexting has some rules according to the Huffington Post that you may or may not agree with.
1. No baby talk…use the proper words.
2. Relationships are important…Only do it with someone you trust.
3. Keep your face hidden.
4. Delete the photos after use.
5. Don’t sext the wrong person.
6. Don’t use emoticons…it could be creepy.
7. Don’t sext while drunk.
8. Answer promptly.

Battery Operated…Enhancing Pleasure for Her
Mar 2014 25

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There was a time when the mere mention of sex toys was considered taboo. Today they are more accepted and even beneficial for health. People have reported improved physical and psychological health by using sex toys. Below is a list of the benefits women can receive from sex toy use.


  1. Achieve Orgasm Faster and Easier with Vibrators
    High-frequency vibrations enable many women to achieve orgasm more quickly and easily. Vibrators are instruments that can be used anywhere on the body to relax muscles, relieve strain, as well as provide precise stimulation for pleasure.
  2. G-Spot Orgasms
    The G-Spot is an erogenous zone located on the forward vaginal wall, two to three inches from the vaginal opening. G-spot orgasms are intense and different from orgasms achieved through clitoral (clit) stimulation. The G-spot responds well to deep, rumbling vibrations and pressure. G-Spot toys feature a slight bend at the tip, allowing the user to easily find and apply pressure and vibration.
  3. Stronger PC Muscles through Kegels
    Vaginal muscles lose their tone naturally with age, and after pregnancy. It is important to keep muscles toned to maintain good urinary and vaginal health. Simple kegel exercises with weighted toys can strengthen the muscles, and as an added benefit, stronger muscles lead to more intense orgasms, and stronger sensations for both partners.


  • Don’t get embarrassed.
  • Masturbation is a healthy practice and women who masturbate regularly report better partner sex as well
  • Experiment. There is no one proven method to get an orgasm and trying new things will keep you excited
  • Lubricate. Lubrication lets your toy glide more easily and creates better sensations

Lastly, it is essential to properly clean sex toys to avoid bacterial infections or sexually transmitted infections (if toys are shared).

For basic toy care:

  • Remove batteries
  • Never submerge electrical parts in water
  • Use a damp, soapy cloth to clean the toy
  • Store in a container or pouch in a cool dry place


Is Gonorrhea Here to Stay?
Apr 2014 08

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For some, the constant reminder to get tested for STDs helps them stay on top of their game and for others it may be an annoyance. Despite whatever your opinion of STD testing reminders, it is important that you stay up to date on potential consequences of unprotected sex.
Up until recently, all strains of Gonorrhea were able to be treated and cured with antibiotics. However, there is a new strain of Gonorrhea that cannot yet be cured. In 2012, Genesee County had the second highest rate of gonorrhea in the state of Michigan.

In order to protect yourself consider putting some of the tips below to practice:
1. Though unrealistic for some, abstinence is the only way to remain 100% Gonorrhea free.
2. Establish a monogamous sexual relationship. This means that you and your partner don’t have any other sex partners.
3. Get tested together. This is important so that the sexual relationship starts healthy.
4. Use a LATEX condom for all types of sex including oral, anal, and vaginal. Animal skin condoms allow for the bacteria to pass and don’t protect you from disease.
5. Dental Dams can be used for oral sex to the vagina or anus. You can buy them when you buy your condoms or make your own by cutting open a condom!
6. If sharing sex toys, be sure to use condoms on those as well because Gonorrhea can be spread on through sexual devices.
7. Do Not have sex if you or your partner have been experiencing symptoms of Gonorrhea which include burning sensation while urinating, unusual discharge, pain during sex, and painful or swollen testicles for men. In this case, go get tested together!


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