To get on the Pill or Not to get on the Pill…that is the question…
Jan 2012 24

To get on the Pill or Not to get on the Pill…that is the question…Comments Off on To get on the Pill or Not to get on the Pill…that is the question…

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Back in the day when I went in to the doctors for my annual appointment (note: I still go – this may have been my first or second time), my healthcare provider put me on the pill…I never really questioned her or even considered the other options that were available until I realized I really wasn’t to good at taking this birth control (BC) pill everyday at the same time. Frankly, my life was just a tad bit crazy at that point (school, work, social life, whatever life decided to throw at me)…and trying to remember to pop a pill everyday at exactly the same time just wasn’t working for me.

What I didn’t know and soon learned was that there are many different methods of birth control (some that our grandmas used…and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend) that fit our personal preferences – so I did what anyone would do, I got off the pill and got on BC that I had to worry less about – my choice was the Depo-Provera (aka “the shot”). Whether you’d rather worry about your BC every day, every three months, or once every five years, there is a method of contraception that fits the needs of most women.

After my close friend was f-ed up with her doctors’ selection of birth control, she called me and I give her a quick spiel of all the other types of birth control that her doctor failed to mention to her during her visit. After my spiel was over, there was complete silence on the other end of the phone; I realized all that information was a tab bit overwhelming…so I directed her to this website called The Bedsider.

This site is like BC gold. What it does is gives descriptions of each type of birth control (from your grandma’s cervical cap to the newest intrauterine contraceptive (IUC)). Not only does it give descriptions, how-tos, and accurate effectiveness rates, the website also gives personal testimonials and allows for you to place the different methods of contraception side-by-side to see the pros and cons of each.

Go ahead and play with it a little — You know you want to!

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Lesson for Today: Be your biggest advocate for your sexual health…research your BC options and pick the one that is best for you!

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