Where are the pictures?
Oct 2011 21

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With immediate access to internet at the tip of our fingers, our generation has become more dependent on the internet to diagnose any symptoms that we think we might have. Most of us have taken a health class (although it has been as far back as high school) that gave a brief outline of STIs (sexual transmitted infections) with pictures. And as if it wasn’t awkward enough to talk about STIs I don’t think teachers effectively facilitated a way to discuss safer sex and STI prevention without completely scaring us.

The pictures that were shown are often the worse cases that probably come through the clinic or doctor office. Not to mention, each person reacts differently to infection, so symptoms vary from person to person and most STIs are asymptomatic meaning that even when it is the case that one has contracted an STI there are no symptoms at all. This is what makes the transmission of STIs so easy. It’s not merely that we are not telling our partners, although sometimes that is the case, but more so it’s the simple fact that we don’t even suspect that anything is wrong.

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