Sexually Transmitted Infections Part 3: Knowing Yourself is the Best Prevention
Oct 2010 22

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Knowing Yourself is the best Prevention: How To Take Care and Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Since the most common symptom of STIs is [Read More…]

Condom Getting Confidence
Mar 2011 21

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What was the first time getting condoms like for you? A little scary? A recent article highlights Ben Affleck’s fear when at 18 he first bought condoms. The following [Read More…]

The Myth of the Magnum
Oct 2011 22

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Its obvious Trojan condoms have a great advertising company. We can all recall the Trojan evolve commercials (with the pigs) and now their new commercials talking about the amazingness of their fire and ice condoms (I don’t know how I feel about a burning cold sensation down in my vagina – but hey…to each it’s own).

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Is Gonorrhea Here to Stay?
Apr 2014 08

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For some, the constant reminder to get tested for STDs helps them stay on top of their game and for others it may be an annoyance. Despite whatever your opinion of STD testing reminders, it is important that you stay up to date on potential consequences of unprotected sex.
Up until recently, all strains of Gonorrhea were able to be treated and cured with antibiotics. However, there is a new strain of Gonorrhea that cannot yet be cured. In 2012, Genesee County had the second highest rate of gonorrhea in the state of Michigan.

In order to protect yourself consider putting some of the tips below to practice:
1. Though unrealistic for some, abstinence is the only way to remain 100% Gonorrhea free.
2. Establish a monogamous sexual relationship. This means that you and your partner don’t have any other sex partners.
3. Get tested together. This is important so that the sexual relationship starts healthy.
4. Use a LATEX condom for all types of sex including oral, anal, and vaginal. Animal skin condoms allow for the bacteria to pass and don’t protect you from disease.
5. Dental Dams can be used for oral sex to the vagina or anus. You can buy them when you buy your condoms or make your own by cutting open a condom!
6. If sharing sex toys, be sure to use condoms on those as well because Gonorrhea can be spread on through sexual devices.
7. Do Not have sex if you or your partner have been experiencing symptoms of Gonorrhea which include burning sensation while urinating, unusual discharge, pain during sex, and painful or swollen testicles for men. In this case, go get tested together!


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