How to make a Dental Dam
Oct 2012 23

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We’re gotten a quite a few questions about this whole dental dam bizz! So, for all you innovators out there, we’ve decided to follow up on exactly how to make your own dental dam.

Lucky for you…and me…it’s extremely easy.   Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the kitchen and get the plastic wrap (remember it should NOT say that is it microwavable on the label)
    • Also, if you don’t carry plastic wrap just run to local store and get some
    • Tear of a piece of plastic wrap that is about the size of a post card (Like the ones we sent out for the social media contest)!

And there’s your dental dam made out of plastic wrap! Simply, cheap, and added protection (who doesn’t love that)!

Now, making a dental dam out of condoms is a little harder, but not much. Now normally the rule of thumb is to never have your teeth near a condom (why? Cause you could tear a whole in it, making it less effective in pregnancy and STI prevention). But apparently this chick has the art of making a dental dam down to a science…and all you need is a condom, no scissors necessary.

However, in an earlier post…I described how to make a dental dam out of a condom. Here you need both a condom and a pair of scissors. The steps basically look like this…


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