Battery Operated…Enhancing Pleasure for Her
Mar 2014 25

There was a time when the mere mention of sex toys was considered taboo. Today they are more accepted and even beneficial for health. People have reported improved physical and psychological health by using sex toys. Below is a list of the benefits women can receive from sex toy use.


  1. Achieve Orgasm Faster and Easier with Vibrators
    High-frequency vibrations enable many women to achieve orgasm more quickly and easily. Vibrators are instruments that can be used anywhere on the body to relax muscles, relieve strain, as well as provide precise stimulation for pleasure.
  2. G-Spot Orgasms
    The G-Spot is an erogenous zone located on the forward vaginal wall, two to three inches from the vaginal opening. G-spot orgasms are intense and different from orgasms achieved through clitoral (clit) stimulation. The G-spot responds well to deep, rumbling vibrations and pressure. G-Spot toys feature a slight bend at the tip, allowing the user to easily find and apply pressure and vibration.
  3. Stronger PC Muscles through Kegels
    Vaginal muscles lose their tone naturally with age, and after pregnancy. It is important to keep muscles toned to maintain good urinary and vaginal health. Simple kegel exercises with weighted toys can strengthen the muscles, and as an added benefit, stronger muscles lead to more intense orgasms, and stronger sensations for both partners.


  • Don’t get embarrassed.
  • Masturbation is a healthy practice and women who masturbate regularly report better partner sex as well
  • Experiment. There is no one proven method to get an orgasm and trying new things will keep you excited
  • Lubricate. Lubrication lets your toy glide more easily and creates better sensations

Lastly, it is essential to properly clean sex toys to avoid bacterial infections or sexually transmitted infections (if toys are shared).

For basic toy care:

  • Remove batteries
  • Never submerge electrical parts in water
  • Use a damp, soapy cloth to clean the toy
  • Store in a container or pouch in a cool dry place


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