Does size matter? Debunking Myths about the Penis
Mar 2014 18

Over the years the list of penis myths has grown. Here are some of the biggest myths out there:

1) Ejaculation happens in gallons. This is one of the most absurd myths because men only ejaculate about a teaspoon worth of semen! Even with this small amount, there are 200-500 million sperm and it only takes one sperm, to make a baby!

2) It should take at least an hour before a man reaches an orgasm when in reality it takes THREE to SEVEN MINUTES. Porn creates longer lasting sex through filming techniques. If a man doesn’t ejaculate for 30 minutes or more researchers believe this to be delayed ejaculation. Ejaculation that occurs in less than one minute is considered premature ejaculation.

3) Size Matters. Is it the size of the boat or the motion in the ocean? Research studies show that size is actually more important to men than to women but most people don’t know that the average penis size is a little over 5 inches when erect. Comparing penis sizes to others, especially men seen in pornography, isn’t healthy for self-esteem and may set unrealistic expectations. Things that may matter way more to a sexual partner may include touch, smell, creativity, and ensuring that their partner protects them from sexually transmitted diseases.

4) An erect penis has no conscience. It has often been said that blood leaves from the brain to help the penis become erect and therefore men can’t make logical decisions because they are thinking with the wrong head. This is completely incorrect. The brain functions the same way whether a penis is soft or hard.

5) The last and most important myth to address is that men have a ton of sex partners. On average men only have about 6-8 sex partners in their lifetime. This is important to realize because having a lower number of sex partner decreases the chances of transmitted STDs. Don’t believe the hype or try to get your numbers up when you hear about how many sex partners someone else may have. Protect yourself by using condoms, getting testing, and minimizing the number of sexual partners you engage with.

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