Great news! Genesee County reports progress in the reduction of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia rates!
Jul 2013 03

The number of sexually transmitted disease cases, particularly Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, in Genesee County are among the highest in the State of Michigan. In 2011, Genesee County’s ranked 5th highest in the State of Michigan with 3,192 cases of Chlamydia and 4th in the state for Gonorrhea with 875 cases.

But there is good news: the Genesee County Health Department reports that from October 1, 2012, thru May 30 2013, there were 200 fewer cases of Gonorrhea and 762 fewer cases of Chlamydia reported in Genesee County than during the same period the year prior. The number of community members being tested has also increased. There are now more locations to be tested with the addition of Genesee Community Health Center (GCHC). The Genesee County Health Department is collaborating with GCHC, Wellness Aids and the Genesee County Free Clinic, to expand the number of outreaching testing locations in our community.

For more information about STD rates in Genesee County, visit the Genesee County Health Department website at

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