Back in the Day…
Sep 2012 18

Early this year MDCH came out with their updated guidelines for their abstinence only sex education program for middle and high school students. Now that the summer is over and the kidos are back in school, you can rest assure that sometime during the school year they will be exposed to sex education whether good or bad.

Depending on where you attended school, you can recall being in home room or health education during those awkward sex ed class. Between the jokes by some of our classmates and the bad analogies from the teacher, no one got anything out of sex ed. Not to mention most of the information was wrong. All in all…sex education…or at least the Worth the Wait classes I attended in high school pretty much failed me. Hahaha…No. Seriously.

I can still remember Mrs. Fix coming to class with a paper heart that symbolized our heart and holding it in her left hand. Then she dramatically crumbled it. Noticing the confusion on our face, she then unfolded the heart. Pointing to all the folds and tears, she said, “this is what happens to your heart after you have sex.”


Mmmmm…really? How is this gonna help me protect myself from pregnancy and STIs?!

How can you honestly call this sex education when you don’t give me any information on condoms, birth control options, dental dams, STIs, and pregnancy?

I mean, awkward as that class was 7 years ago, looking back it’s kinda funny. What was your experience with sexual health education in middle or high school? Was it good or bad? Are there any questions your teacher left unanswered? Do tell…cause I  know I was left confused.

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