Safer Sex and You: Condom Facts
Jun 2012 28

Think you’re a condom guru? Here are some lesser known facts about sex’s sexiest accessory.

Ancient condoms: Egyptians were the first users of condoms made from linen in 1000 B.C.E.

By the Numbers: Approximately 10 billion condoms are used in a year. (That’s a lot of SEX!)

Condoms & Tires: Charles Goodyear (yes the tire guy) created vulcanization, the process of turning rubber into a strong elastic material. Helping us create the condoms we know and love today!

Is he TOO Big? Probably not, a condom can expand to 800% of its original size. Whoa! Ladies don’t fall for that one.

AKA: Rubber, Copper Hat, Love Sock, Frogskin, Night Cap, Jimmy Hat, Glove, English Riding Coat, Dobber, The Goalie, Hazmat Suit, Snake Charmer and many more. One of my personal favorites is what they call condoms in Nigeria, Okpuamu, which in Nigerian means Penis Hat.

Testing: 100% of condoms are tested for safety and effectiveness.

World: China ranks the highest for condom use, the U.S ranks 6th.

Other uses: The U.S. Military and other hunters use condoms on their rifle barrels to keep them from clogging.

Want more ideas for other uses of condoms? Check out this video here.

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  1. dayday says:

    stay safe with a comdom at all time no matter what happen

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