Do you know how to drive a stick?!
Feb 2012 22

Given that this is a sex blog, it is totally okay that your mind was completely in the gutter when reading this title.

This past weekend, one of my friends asked me for a ride home after we had been on campus all day…and I said sure. We got in, buckled up (safety first), and I put my car in gear, and she looked down and said “you drive a stick,” proud of my driving skills (no pun intended) I smiled and said “of course.”

So I gave her the story about my first car and she told me that I was the only other girl we knew that could drive one (she could drive one too), and then she said… “you know…that is the best pick-up lines when you meet a guy.” My initial reaction was “REALLY?!?!” – as I have never used it before, but begin to think of all my missed opportunities.

Well, this 5 minute car conversation brings me to this week’s blog post – learning how to drive a stick (hahaha!) Okay, well not really, but driving a stick + sex = positions.

I conveniently found two positions that are undeniable associated with being able to drive a stick shift (that is not to say that if you can’t drive a stick shift you can’t drive the other stick – I would argue quite the contrary).


Lesson for Today: Experiment. Have fun. Try new positions. But ALWAYS be safe.

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