If we gotta use lube, then he ain’t doing it right…REALLY?!?!
Nov 2011 18

A couple of years ago one of my close friends was throwing a birthday party for her boyfriend, and she wanted a piñata full of condoms. I had connections with the local health services, so I got about 100 condoms for the piñata, and because they were from the health services center, they came with lubricant. She was grateful that I was able to get the condoms, but she asked “does it have to come with lube…I mean, if we have to use this…that means he’s not doing something right.” —WRONG.

After many talks with my girlfriends that seems to be the consensus, that lube is something that is not acceptable. But the reality is, women can be completely aroused and be unable to produce their own lubricant (simply put…I can want to have sex and not be wet).

That is where products like K-Y, Liquid Silk or Sliquid (that comes in all kinds of flavors) come in handy. Not everyone produces their own liquid in quantities that allows them to have pleasurable sex for hours on end. For those of us who can…great…for those of us who can’t…buy some! Lol.

Using lubricant says nothing about our sexual ability or inability; if anything it says that we are knowledgeable about safer sex, able to realize when we need a little extra boost, and can effectively communicate those needs to our partners.

Side Note: Just keep in mind when using lube, make sure it is water-based or silicon-based. Oil-based lube is a NO GO especially when using latex condoms. The oil degrades the latex making it easier for condoms to break, tear, or rip. Another reason is because water based lubes are less messy. Water and silicon easily wash out of sheets and clothes and they work well with latex condoms. Oil is also a lot harder to get out of sheets, clothing (or anything for that matter). Vaseline is also a no go because it too is oil based and will degrade the latex condom.

Lesson for Today: Lube is your friend, not your enemy.

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