The Myth of the Magnum
Oct 2011 22

Its obvious Trojan condoms have a great advertising company. We can all recall the Trojan evolve commercials (with the pigs) and now their new commercials talking about the amazingness of their fire and ice condoms (I don’t know how I feel about a burning cold sensation down in my vagina – but hey…to each it’s own).

And then, you have the magnum condom that seems to the top choice of every man that I have run into in my entire (short) life. As a woman I am perplex as to why magnum condoms are the top choice. I have come to the conclusion that men are as loyal to condom brands as women are to shoe brands…try offering up a Crown condom or a Kimino E to an avid magnum user. My experience has been straight rejection “I only use magnums.” When I asked why, he did not have a response.

The problem that I see with this is not that men are solely loyal to their preferred brand condom (I’m glad we’re using condoms), but more so that they believe that in order to be perceived as masculine they have to be able to fit into this “large” condom, which can be directly associated with the stereotype of black male hypersexuality.

The reality is that there are dozens of condom brands out there…some better than others (depending on what you are looking for). Miss. Julie Sunday a Sexual Health Educator in Texas recently posted a great blog rating condoms, some I have ever even heard of.

And don’t get me wrong. I understand that some of ya’ll are well endowed and may need a little extra wiggle room in your rubber. And if that is the case there are several other brands that offer x-large condoms that are thinner and lack the rubbery smell that comes along with using a magnum. On the contrary, having too much extra space can defeat the whole purpose of the condom in the first place. If there is too much room you risk the chance of wiggling right on out of the condom. Which could possible get stuck in unforeseen places, in turn increasing the likely hood of unintended pregnancies and STI transmission.

Lesson for today: Make sure condoms fit appropriately and don’t be afraid to try out new brands.  Condoms that have been tested to make sure they meet FDA guidelines, when used consistently and correctly, are effective in preventing unintended pregnancies and reducing STI transmission.

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